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Thread: MACL-153 delayed on behavior

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    MACL-153 delayed on behavior

    I recently installed a Maestro dimmer in a 3- way circuit with a standard switch. It is wired and programmed according to the instructions. I have it controlling 4 Cree down lights (100W replacement). When the lights have been off for over an hour and are turned on (from either location) they take 20-60 seconds to turn on. When they have been recently turned off, they turn on immediately upon switching, as one would expect.

    I have 8 of these same down lights on the same style switch (also 3-way with a standard wall switch) in another room where they work as expected (immediately upon switching).

    Any idea deal why I would be having this problem or how to solve it?

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    We would recommend contacting out 24/7 technical support team to help troubleshoot the circuit that is taking so long to turn on. They can be reached at 1-844-588-7661.

    Have you tried swapping the dimmers between the two circuits? If so does the problem follow the dimmer or stay with the circuit?

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