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Thread: Any hope? Dimmers dying in existing RadioRA system

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    Any hope? Dimmers dying in existing RadioRA system

    We bought a home that has a small RadioRA setup: 10 light groups controlled by 10 dimmers (mostly mounted out of sight), which are operated by 10 buttons on two keypads (RALB-5W-XX) in the main living space. I believe there is no hub or repeater.

    Recently, two of the dimmers have died (1 RA-5NE, 1 RA-6D). (I've verified the dimmers were the problem by wiring in a new dimmer and seeing the lights otherwise worked fine.)

    My impression is that I'm stuck: replacement RadioRA dimmers are hard to get and it's not clear that I could "pair" a new dimmer with the keypad without the help of an installer. (Is that right?) New dimmers (RA2, Caseta, Maestro) all use ClearConnect which I think means they're not backwards compatible with the RA keypads (right?).

    In addition, I want to swap out the ~40 halogen for LEDs and the old dimmers we have don't seem to play nice with low-load LEDs.

    So it seems like I'll have to rip it all out and start over.

    Is it true that if I bought replacement RadioRA dimmers off eBay, I would need to call in an installer to pair them with the keypads?

    Am I right that newer dimmers (eg Maestro) cannot be paired with my existing RALK-5W keypads?

    And that only RadioRA2 has equivalent keypads, so going to the affordable Caseta would mean punching more holes in the wall for 8 more switches?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Pretty much correct on all points.

    Lutron does offer a rebate of sorts (10% discount when old equipment returned) to customers who upgrade to the newer systems. Ra to Ra2 for example.

    I would suggest contacting a local dealer, or the local rep that can connect you with a local dealer.
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    Thanks for confirming, appreciate it!

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