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Thread: Caseta Wireless or RadioRA 2

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    Caseta Wireless or RadioRA 2

    How can I pick whether I should get a Caseta Wireless or RadioRA 2 system?

    I have a single story 2100 square foot home. I currently have X-10 light control that is connected with my alarm system and am looking to replace X-10 that has reliability problems. I recently had the electric panel replaced because I got solar panels for electricity generation and the X-10 became unusable. Using radio contol instead of power line seems to be a better solution.

    My alarm system is from Ademco. It has door contacts, motion detectors, and integrates with smoke detectors. It is very old and I probably have to replace most of the alarm system.

    I want to use Amazon Alexa, Nest smoke/fire/CO detectors, and Nest cameras. I have an Android smart phone that I would like to integrate with the home automation system.

    I saw one feature of Caseta that seemed like it had a feature that I would use that RadioRA 2 did not seem to have, but now I cannot find what that was. Is there a feature comparison chart available?

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    I have the Caseta working for over a year in my house and now installed Radio Ra2 in my new house (over the device limit for Caseta) the Caseta is much better. The app is more friendly and lets you do everything from it. RR2 you need a PC program to do most of the work. If you don't have more then 50 devices (3 way is 2 devices) stay with the Caseta!

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    Caseta is great if you're more of a do-it-yourself type. The quality of the initial experience with 50 devices or less is excellent.

    Just be aware that you can get "stuck" in a Caseta system, where you think you're only doing a portion of the house, then want to do more, but as far as I can tell you can't.

    I called Lutron tech support about this and their suggestion was to throw out all your Caseta dimmers (and any Serena shades) and then buy Radio RA2-compatible ones and re-wire all of them as Radio RA2.

    Realistically, the better solution once you get stuck at 50, seems to be use a 3rd party home automation system to stitch together the Caseta investment with something else, but obviously that has some tradeoffs too.

    Just a topic to go into with eyes wide open.

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    Also, only Radio RA2 provides seeTouch keypads if that is important to you.

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    Tell me, can the alarm system work from solar panels?

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    At this point I would only go with Ra3 or Caseta. Ra2 is the walking dead. No new devices are being produced for it and the choice to use it for a new installation is only a last resort if you have Grafik Eyes already that can't be changed to dimmers.

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