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I’m replacing a Lutron skylark dimmer / fan controller that was controlling an Edison fan. I now have a MAQL-LQF in and I get very slow speeds 1-3 but 4 (top speed of control) is running the fan at proper high speed. I have the same set up in another room with the same issue . I set my pull chain to high speed prior to install and also set rotation. There are no advanced programming (fass) touching on fan speeds. It almost seems like the capacitor is interfering with this controller?!?! Do you have any ideas? I have read about other people encountering this same issue with this controller and also another model of Lutron fan control.
I'm not familiar with that model number. It's possible you have a MACL-LFQ, maybe with a different model number for a different country??

If you have an older style Lutron fan control, they were designed to work with a Lutron canopy module. That series is obsolete in North America.

Lutron fan controls are generally designed to work with "permanent split-capacitor motors." That is typically indicated by a pull-chain control. It is possible you that rare pull-chain-non-split-capacitor motor.

Make sure you don't have any module/receiver in the line. They are integrated in some fans, others have a separate canopy module.

Make sure you have the fan connected to the fan control and not the dimmer.