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Thread: Is there a LED dimmer for 300 watts?

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    Is there a LED dimmer for 300 watts?

    I'm hanging 5 chandeliers (15 candelabra bulbs each) in a barn for a wedding. They'll all be on one 20 amp circuit controlled by one switch. I'd like to use 4watt LED bulbs and I'd like to be able to dim them, but I don't see LED dimmers over 250 watts. Is there a solution?


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    Hello jimble,

    The only way to do more than 250W of LED from a single dimmer would be to use a load interface. We would suggest a 3-wire dimmer, such as the DVF-103P and a PHPM-WBX-120-WH interface. To find compatible LEDs for the PHPM, we would suggest using our LED product selection tool at

    1. Under Fixture/Lamp Type, Select “Candelabra Lamp”
    2. Under Lutron Control, Select the “PHPM Interface”
    3. You do not need to make any other selections, but you can select a preferred manufacturer to get a smaller list
    4. Click on the orange Search button
    5. The page will refresh, Scroll down
    6. A table will appear with a list of all the LED lights we have tested for your product
    7. In the third column of each row, there is a PDF link to a report card on each LED fixture

    Selecting and interpreting the report card:
    1. If you would like to view the report card of a bulb, click on the orange PDF link in the third column of the table, under the Product Name heading.
    2. A new window will open, this is the Lutron Product Report Card.
    3. In the heading, you will see information about the bulb, including make and model number.
    4. Below this you will see a table. Buzzing results may be listed in the right hand column under “Comments”

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    Oh god, it's so exciting to prepare for your wedding. You always think about the LEDs, the guests, what they will be wearing, and other stuff.

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