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Thread: Need Help Designing LED Lighting and Occupancy Sensor

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    Need Help Designing LED Lighting and Occupancy Sensor

    Hello! I will soon be building a 50x60x14 pole barn with LED lighting. There will be twelve 160W LED dimmable lights. I want dimmable occupancy/vacancy sensor switches (looks like the Lutron MS-Z101 Maestro will fit the bill). Looking at the wattage limits in the specs, it can only control 500W, so I would need a switch for a bank of 3 lights? I would need at least 2 switches to cover the 60 ft wide garage width (sensor limited to 30 ft). But with the wattage limitation, I suppose I would need 4 switches.

    Looking at the online Single Room Solutions, there are various other layout/design options for this large space. I must not be getting it, and getting headaches trying to figure out a better design/layout. Can anyone provide some suggestions? Or just go with 4 switches? Don't know if this forum will allow me to post the link to the lights I am considering, but lighting specs are provided (if that makes a difference on design):

    Thanks for the headache relief, and any other suggestions you can provide.

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    Anyone ??????

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    Hello PoleBarn,

    A better option may be to go with a wireless solution. You can use an RMJS-8T-DV-B. That is an 8A 0-10V dimming module. You would need two of those to control the amount of load you are looking at. These would get mounted up by the fixtures. Then in the wallbox you can use a wireless remote that talks to the module. PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01. To mount that in a wallbox you will need the PICO-WBX-ADAPT. For your occupancy sensing, you can use wireless sensors. I would recommend the ceiling mounted sensors, LRF2-OCR2B-P-WH. You can have up to 6 sensors per RMJ module. You can pair 1 remote or sensor to both RMJ modules.

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