Hi everyone,

I've done a ton of research on shade options, and am very close to spending a few thousand dollars on Caseta Serena Shades. My only hesitation is that I worry I may need to upgrade to a RadioRA2 someday. I understand that today I can't do that without throwing out my investment in Serena Shades.

The Serena Shades are definitely better for me now. I'm not ready to cover my whole house, so I really don't need RA2. I also really prefer to do more myself and would rather pay Lutron directly rather than a vendor.

However, I'm worried that if I really like the Lutron shades and use them often, I could see myself doing more and more rooms over time... and may then eventually want a RA2-type system. But I probably would then never be able to justify going to RA2 if I had to throw out my Serena Shades.

Am I likely to be able to still make use of an investment in Serena Shades if someday I upgrade from a Caseta Smart Bridge to Radio RA2 setup? Or would I be expected to replace a (potentially very significant) investment in Serena Shades with new shades if I need to move to RadioRA2?

Really appreciate any advice. Thanks!