Need some help here. I have a RRT-G5NEW along with a companion dimmer controlling originally 2 ECS RFK6 65WE W27 120 REC (A21 11W 2700K dimmable bulbs), which are on a list of supported bulbs for the Maestro. I used this list as nothing is really on the Radio RA2 list for grafik T. The switches worked fine and did so even for about a day in a scenes. Yesterday I received a low load indication with the flashing lights. I tried pulling the FASS, even replaced bulbs with 100W incandescent. The error persisted. I then factory reset the dimmer, then it was happy and both the main and companion controlled the lights.

So tonight I removed and then reactivated the dimmer. No issues yet. When I tried to turn on the lights with a scene, again, low load error, flashing lights even with an incandescent in one of the sconces. I factory reset and the lights work on both dimmers again.

Any ideas what is going on with the scenes and the low load indication?