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Thread: Need Help with retrofit

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    Need Help with retrofit

    Hello, We are currently working on a project replacing 4 bulb fluorescent fixtures with LED panels.

    There are 16 fixtures in this room, currently 8 lights per 3 way switch. The 3 way switches are located on the North and East walls. We would like to provide dimming and turn on from 2 locations on the south wall instead. Can we run all 16 panels off of one circuit? We are wanting ability to dim, they are 0-10v drivers. What dimming system would we need.

    These are the lights we have...

    Thanks for any help!

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    As long as the 0-10V driver complies with IEC standard 60929 annex e.2, we would be able to fully control it. However, without testing of this specific fixture we would be unable to provide expected dimming performance, like dimming range. Lutron provides several 0-10v control options which are listed below.

    Single pole application only
    NTSTV-DV-XX rated up to 8A without requiring a power pack
    DVTV-XX with PP-DV

    Single pole or 3way applications
    DVSTV-XX rated up to 8A switching
    MS-Z1010-XX (Occupancy Sensor) or MS-Z101-V-XX (Vacancy Sensor Only)
    RMJ-5T-DV-B dimming module and PJ2-3BRL-Gxx-L01 Pico remote control
    3wire dimmer (ex: NTF-103P-XX, DVF-103P-XX) and GRX-TVI 0-10v interface

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