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Thread: HELP and Scene Saver

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    HELP and Scene Saver

    Hi everybody!

    I'm going to approach two new installations, and I have not been using HWQS software since release 4.xx.
    I've installed both latest stable 5.xx version and Beta 6.xx, but I was no able to find the help and the Scene Saver procedures.
    Am I missing something, or these items are not yet present?


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    From my experience so far, 'scene saver' could be described as an iphone/ipad app, I don't believe it is available at the keypads.
    I'm not aware of any help files like you might have found in illumination. Calling tech support may be your best bet aside from this forum; I've had good luck working through programming concepts with tech support on the phone.

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    Correct; for the HomeWorks QS system the scene saver capability will be achieved only by the Lutron Home Control+ application and level editing.

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