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Thread: Problem updating to 11.0 from 10.6

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    Problem updating to 11.0 from 10.6

    I am using the Essentials version and all is fine with 10.6. When I try to update with 11, it cannot find the bridge (sees the repeater no problem) and says to press the discovery button. I do that and it see the bridge but when I click save, it says cannot save in "TCP Mode". I see others are having similar issues and I cannot change to multicast due to not been the Inclusive version. When I try to go to tools and update repeater firmware, I also get an error saying I cannot do it via TCP Mode. Any ideas?

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    Where is the 11.0 release? How does one get it?

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    Design & configuration software under myLutron

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    Hello mikerpalmer,
    Thank you for your post.
    We can further investigate the issue. Please provide screenshots of the error and a support file. Email this to

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    I have more time to spend on this today and got it working. I am using a Windows 10 VM running on a MacBook. I was connected via a hard ethernet cable because I have had issues doing so using wireless. I was also swapping the control bridge with a new HomeKit version. I tried everything from removing the old, adding the new, just swaping them, etc. I kept getting the same error.

    Today I decided to plug in a PC USB ethernet adapter and setting it up directly on the PC side exclusively (bypassing the passthrough via Mac). I updated to 11.0 which went perfectly. Then I deleted the the old connect bridge and installed the new HomeKit version. That worked without any issues. I then had to delete my home from the LutronConnect app and re-add it. I have been using Amazon Echo (which is fantastic) and had to go into the skills and disable and enable to select the new bridge (it had a new name which I must have changed at one point). I also deleted all Lutron related devices. I then re-setup all my Alexa controlled scenes in the LutronConnect app and had Alexa discover which picked up the new changes.

    I am thinking the problem was a multicast issue because of the passthrough of traffic from the PC VM through the Mac interface.
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