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Thread: GRX-3106s lost communication with Wallstaions

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    GRX-3106s lost communication with Wallstaions

    I have 4 GRX-3106 GrafixEyes which connect to 6 Wallstations - 4 are SG-4s the other gwo are SG-2B
    A recent windstorm randomly interrupted power before the power was cut for 22 hours.
    Once power was restored the wallstations would not command the 3106 units.
    I can operate the lights from the 3106 units, all scenes appear to have been retained, including dimming functions. But there is apparently no voltage to the wallstaions.
    I've tried to reset communications by pressing the two commm buttons on the wallstations, but nothing happens. There are no LEDs lighting up on the wallstations.

    Any ideas?

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    CORRECTION: Grafikeyes are GRX-3104

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    Hi there - did you ever get a solution to this problem? I have a similar issue going on right now, thanks!

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