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Thread: Changing Location

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    Changing Location


    i had Caseta G2 installed in my apartment in NY,it was linked to my iphone 6 and working fine,but i recently moved to Dubai-UAE and i tried to connect Caseta to my Wireless Router (a different linksys wireless Router a bought from local market) but it failed a pop up message said that "your smart bridge requires an update to continue ....",i followed the steps already posted in the community (to plug the network cable and put the IP address of the Caseta manually and then plug the cable again..."but it fails also.i tried alot but couldn't find a solution.any Support would be very appreciated.


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    Might be due to the UAE blocking certain kinds of internet traffic, particularly traffic that appears as VPN traffic. Because the UAE is using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) it is very difficult to circumvent unless you use SSH or SSL tunneling. Did you end up getting this fixed?

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