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    Google Assistant

    I know this subject has come up indirectly in other threads, but I thought I'd directly put it out there. It seems as though RA2 (including the hope of the Connect Bridge capabilities) has lagged a bit in integration with other "internet of things".

    Echo integration is great, but frankly I'm starting to hate the Echo Dot... it underwhelms in many other functions and given the option to integrate RA2 with Google Assistant, I'd ditch Alexa in an instant. I'm also a bit disappointed that Connect Bridge V2 is focusing on Apple HomeKit; I'm even hearing diehard Apple fans say they can't stand Siri anymore.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that there is *some* integration, but notably absent is Google Assistant and IFFT... and I'm not sure why.

    So I'll turn rant mode off, and just hope for expansion to (my opinion) more capable 3rd party systems in the future.


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    Woo hoo!!! Now, we wait to see if it will require CONNECT-BDG2 or if my current Connect Bridge will work.

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