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Thread: Disable Motion Sensor using a button

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    Disable Motion Sensor using a button


    I was told by the Owner that he wanted to enable / disable the Motion Sensor when a button is pressed.

    Can anyone help me out on this programming?

    Thank you.


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    I hope that Lutron will make this easier to accomplish too. Like picking a zone of light and a corresponding light level, I'd like to pick the occ sensor and choose to enable/disable.
    Right now I think you have to create a 2-state variable enable/disable. The keypad would toggle this variable and then you would have to program your occ sensor(s) to be dependent on this state. So they do nothing when disabled and perform normally when enabled.

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    I also agree adding functionality to Radio RA 2 to enable/disable motion detectors via keypad button or phantom button would be extremely valuable and I would assume easy to implement. In fact, I see this as a current gap in the Radio RA 2 system/occupancy sensor combination that there is no way to manually disable motion detectors outside of pre-programed time clock schedules - EX. when guests are over, watching a movie, etc. the owner does not want lights automatically turning on and off.

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