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Thread: Lutron Connect App 4.0 (15) fails to connect, and bugs

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    Lutron Connect App 4.0 (15) fails to connect, and bugs

    The redesign of the iOS app has some problems.

    1. Every time I try to use the app after my iPad has gone to sleep, the app spins trying to Connect, and eventually fails. Then, I have to hit Retry and it eventually works. This delay is entirely unacceptable.

    2. Every time the app is launched, you have to re-nagivate through to Areas to get to the switches. This adds one extra step. Please allow us to configure this so that we can go to Areas immediately upon launch. This is what I think users want 90% of the time, so why add the needless extra step for the common usage case?

    3. Most of the app on an iPad is now white space, a white central 2/3 sized rectangle, with the remainder of the background being offwhite. The photo circle is quite sub-optimal, and shows only a small clipping of the chosen photo. On the iPhoe, I get a nice rectangular version of a partially cropped photo. On the iPad, there is no scaling, or selecting of the area of the image to show. So the picture is useless. Let use set the entire background to the photo!!!! This glorious iPad Air 2 with all these nice pixels, and your throwing it all away on useless white / off-white with a 1" un-scaled, clipped circular image!

    4. Please, please, please bring back the colored bulb icons - they were so much more effective as ON / OFF indicators than the On / Off text alone.

    5. If possible, it would be nice to show countdown timers for Delayed off lights. When a light goes off due to a Vacancy sensor, and there is a long Delay set (say, 10 minutes), the status indicator will go to Off, but technically the light is not OFF yet. It is still ON, awaiting for the Delay countdown to expire. So you look at the status on your tablet / phone and see the light is OFF, yet clearly its is still ON (energized). This is entirely confusing. It would be great to show the delay countdown (even roughly), and keep the status as ON until the load is de-energized.
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    Yuck on all my typos, noticed too late to fix.

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    Hello MisterC,
    Thank you for your post.
    I will ensure your feedback is reviewed by the appropriate teams.

    For point number 1 can you send us an app log file?
    Last edited by Blair S.; 04-19-2017 at 11:43 AM.

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    @Blair S.

    I was wondering about the progress of issue #1, and realized you had asked for a log file. Since I don't find the method to send that file, its clear I never sent it. How to I get the iOS's log file sent to you? This issue happens many times daily, so I'm obviously anxious to have it resolved, despite my complete forgetfulness about your request.

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    In the app go to setting then help. Select the system support email to send us the log file. Please include a link to the forum post as well in the body of the email.

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    Fantastic. Log file sent. Thank you!

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    Bump. Any news on this?

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    Can you provide the case number from the auto reply email you received after sending in the log file?

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    I do not have any auto-reply message from Lutron (it is not in my blocked or Spam folders). I did get the CC sent to me via the app.

    I will repeat the process and resubmit. In the future, if you need such data, please let us know ahead of time!

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    OK, new file sent, its case #7543841.

    (the issue is that the app also shows MY email, and if that's clicked, it sends the info to me only (and yet, goes through the same form-fill process with unnecessary info for sending mail to myself. So there was no case # nor auto-reply.)

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