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Thread: Cavity sizes for recessed shades...

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    Cavity sizes for recessed shades...

    The contractor i'm working with is telling me the designer wants the wired Sivoia QS Triathlon shades recessed into the ceiling, they tell me they only have a gap of 4 inches from the ceiling at top of the window to the structural pieces in the build. This mount is in front of the window framing not in the window frame as they want the ceiling to flow right into the top of the window.

    I have been looking through the technical documentation for sizes as I thought it would be easy to find but I cannot find pocket dimensions. I can find roller dimensions/brackets etc but I am concerned that the actual diameter of the roller shade when fully open will vary depending on fabric used (these are also particularly tall windows - 96").

    Can anyone with experience in recessing shades help me out here?

    Am i using the Jamb Brackets for recessing?

    What would be the minimum cavity size for the various rollers? (I would obviously push them for as much space as they could give me)

    Any other information relating to recessed shades would be helpful.

    If we could get some solid information/technical drawings I think this would be a good resource for many people.



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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Lutron doesn't recommend installing the plug-in powered QS Triathlon shades in a pocket, as this can potentially interfere with the RF communication. This is why there isn't any documentation for it.

    If you still want to mount it in a pocket, we would recommend using a 4.75"w x 5.00"h pocket.

    If you are looking for a roller shade that would fit in a pocket, I would instead recommend a Sivoia QS Wireless Roller 64 shade. This shade can be a maximum of 8ft x 8ft, and will fit in a 3.5" x 3.5" pocket.

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