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Thread: Grafik Eye QS relay contact sound

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    Grafik Eye QS relay contact sound

    Over the course of the year if installed a few Grafik eye QSGRJ 4p and 6p and when all loads drop to off a relay contact is heard. And upon initiating a scene it's audiable as well. Not really loud but I was asked about it by a few customers. Is this normal? I had one load set to 1% and the clicking was never heard, only seems if all 4 or 6 loads are off then a main relay switches on/off. Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, when the unit goes to 0% you will hear a click. Happens on GE and WPM's as well.
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    That relay is there to provide an air gap off. Regular RRD's have the pull-out air gap off, but Grafik Eye relies on a relay.

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