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Thread: Can Caseta interface with home security system?

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    Question Can Caseta interface with home security system?

    I have a 5,000 square foot home which I purchased with an old X-10 system. I am looking to replace with Lutron system (as I use Apple products and am looking for a more reliable system which is homekit enabled) to control exterior floods and interior lights and potentially sync with Sonos system. The old X-10 has a Powerflash interface module which would turn on all lights when the alarm (GE network system) went off. Does Caseta have this capability? Appreciate any help with this question.

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    It depends on the alarm system and whether there is a Caseta integration. You can google that.
    my alarm hardware , Qolsys, uses the framework. ADC has a Lutron Integration.
    my ADC IOS Client and web client display all Lutron scenes and devices including picos. I have ADC rules setup that can perform various Caseta lighting states based on sensor triggers, including alarm conditions. So all lights on, etc. if a certain door sensor is triggered after certain time , certain lights can go on, indefinitely or for a certain time period.
    hope this helps.

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