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Thread: MAESTRO MS-OPS2 - not working... 3 blinks... What is the problem?

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    MAESTRO MS-OPS2 - not working... 3 blinks... What is the problem?

    Just installed MAESTRO MS-OPS2 and cannot get it to turn on. Can't program either.

    Lens light on Maestro blinks 3 times. What problem does this indicate?

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    When power is first applied to these sensors the sensor will blink 3 times, and then take up to two minutes to calibrate itself before it will function correctly. Did you give it two minutes to settle?

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    I realize this is an old post but I have the same issue. Not sure if when power was first applied if it blinked 3 times. It did go into timeout and occupancy programming modes with appropriate flashes but still does not work when you wave your hand in front of it or walk up to it to turn on the lights. One of the things Lutron could have done better is to mark the black wires as to load and line sides, because when i first connected it, it would not program. Swapping the two black wires at least got me into programming mode. Any idea why the PIR sensor is not turning on the lights even though it appears to be programming correctly? Go back, disconnect one wire, reconnect it and make sure it blinks 3 times FIRST, before programming?

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    Did you get a resolution on this issue? I have the same problem.

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