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Thread: Utilitech MQTL1017-LED11.5K850

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    Utilitech MQTL1017-LED11.5K850

    I have two sets of 6-Utilitech MQTL1017-LED11.5K850 recessed lights. They are both on 3-way Skylark CL dimmers on one end, and regular 3 way switches on the other. Your LED compatibility tool shows that only the Casèta Wireless In-wall Light Dimmer is compatible. Before I knew this, I hooked up the Skylark CL dimmers. They are functioning, meaning both the dimmer and switch are working. But, there is a buzzing/humming noise that there never was before on regular 3 way switches. Is that why the tool shows only the Caseta is compatible? Or do you know of other reasons for the buzzing lights?

    Also, one set is a higher pitch hum than the other set... Any ideas?
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    why have a forum if you never answer any questions

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    Hello tmarch25, Sorry for the delay in our response.

    I looked into the testing data for the fixture you are using. The only reason the Skylark is not listed as an approved dimmer is because the high end output doesn't meet our standards. We did not hear any buzzing during our test. Quite often, if a retrofit downlight is buzzing, it is because the trims are not seated properly within the cans.

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