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Thread: Maestro IR Dimmer Stopped working - no led lights

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    Maestro IR Dimmer Stopped working - no led lights

    I have an MIR-600 that worked fine for a year and simply stopped. I replaced it with a new one and it didn't work either. I have verified power to the switch as well as no fuse issues. Weird because it's on a 4 post with three other normal switches that all work fine. There are no green dimmer lights when it's wired up. Anyone have ideas on how to trouble shoot? Frustrated.


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    There are only 4 reasons the indicator lights would not come on with one of our digital controls.

    1. No power is applied to the dimmer.
    2. No load, or a non-compatible load is connected.
    What kind of load to you have connected? Is it possible a bulb blew out?
    3. The FASS switch is toggled.
    Depending on your version, it is a pull out tab at the bottom, or it is slide toggle at the bottom. If it is in the off position it will not illuminate the indicator lights.
    4. The control has failed, and needs to be replaced.

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