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Thread: Issues with getting Lutron SmartBridge 2 recognized by Logitech Harmony Hub

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    Issues with getting Lutron SmartBridge 2 recognized by Logitech Harmony Hub

    Hi Lutron,

    I recently bought a Lutron SmartBridge 2 kit with dimmers and it works great. However, I've been trying to make my Harmony Hub recognize it as per the troubleshooting instructions in your website and theirs, and it just never recognizes it. With my Harmony hub, I am able to recognize other devices in my network, and airplay works, so this is not a multicast issue. I have multicast configured accordingly in all the routers that I used for testing.

    I also tried with 4 different routers (Dlink DIR 860l, DIR 850, Linksys E2000 and TP Link WRT841N). I made sure that all of them had multicast enabled, but it still don't recognize it even though every other multicast dependent service works. That is why I am pretty sure it's an issue with the Lutron SmartBridge fw. I am a Software Engineer so I have some knowledge on networking, debugging stuff, etc.

    I have attached in l a Wireshark capture that should help figure this out.

    harmony hub:
    lutron smartbridge:

    Any ideas on what could be wrong?
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    I'm having the same problem. Today I installed a Caseta dimmer and two Pico remotes for a total of three in-wall switches, all controlling my living room lights. After connecting the Caseta Smart Bridge to my router via ethernet, I downloaded the Lutron App for my phone and was able to set up the Caseta Dimmer and the two Pico remotes. I can control the lights at the dimmer and physically pressing the Pico remote buttons, but I can also turn the lights on and off using the Lutron app on my phone (meaning the Caseta Smart Bridge is on my network). So why can't my Harmony Hub find the Caseta Smart Bridge? I have a Netgear router and the Netgear Genie app shows my network map with both devices on there, but the Harmony Hub still thinks they are on separate networks. HELP!!!

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    Thank you for your posts.
    If you are having issues with your Caseta System, please email into
    You can do this from the app, and send a feedback file with it.

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    Are you setting up the harmony hub from a table? Harmony setup is always a little buggy. I usually start out with a table the. Switch to a laptop then switch back to a table after the remote and hub are updated. It used to be that only smart devices can be programmed from a table but I think the laptop software can add them now.

    It can be hard to get the harmony hub to install the firmware updates from a table but I usually find that after the firmware is current adding Caseta and other connected devices works better.

    Sorry I can't be more definitive on the steps it's been a few months since my last harmony and Caseta dual install. I can tell you have have installed both together without issues about a dozen times or more and haven't had issues since install. The firmware seems to always be a little bit of a hitch.

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    Has anyone figured this out yet? I'm having the same problem. The Harmony and Lutron system both work independently, and both work with my Echo Dots, but I cannot add the Smart Bridge 2 within the Harmony app. Details:

    Smart Bridge 2 (dimmers, switches, blinds) direct Ethernet connection to modem/router
    Harmony Elite + Hub (firmware is updated)
    Arris DG2470A modem/router (firmware version is controlled by my cable provider, last update was Sept. 2016)
    Both systems show up in the wifi client list on the same subnet
    UPnP on, tried turning off various firewall settings in the router, no effect
    I have 8 wired devices and 15+ wiresless devices, and they all talk to each other fine except this pair.

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