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Thread: RadioRA2 or Caseta for condo automation ?

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    RadioRA2 or Caseta for condo automation ?

    I am very much interested in RadioRA2 system so I could automate my apartment lighting, as well as integrate into various systems I have... however, it looks like Caseta might be more compatible with various systems... so need some help deciding which system to get, and IF I could use RadioRA2 keypads/dimmers on Caseta system as I like their looks and function WAY BETTER!

    Here are my needs:
    - 2 Keypads (one at entry, one in living room) to control lights all on/off, plus mood settings
    - 4 Dimmers, 3 magnetic, 1 electronic transformer control
    - 2-3 plug-in controls (table lamps, etc...)
    - 4 on/off switches
    - 2 roller shaded (future setup)
    - Integrate into Nest
    - Control Sonos
    - Control by Harmony Remote (integrate to home audio)
    - Potentially integrate into SmartThings
    - Integrate into HomeKit
    - ALL controlled via ONE APP [iPad]
    - Give me conditional programming --> unrelated to RA2, but I want a system that could do this

    Now, problem with RA2 seems to be, that it cannot be controlled by Harmony, or SmartThings, and that it's more of a complex setup than Caseta that has even more capabilities.

    - Can I somehow use Harmony Remote for RA2?
    - Is there SmartThings integration in RA2?
    - Could any of the RA2 keypads be used with Caseta?
    - Could RA2 dimmers be used with Caseta?
    - Is it even worth the extra investment to go with RA2 for such a small setup?


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    No, you can't use RadioRa2 dimmers/switches/keypads with Caseta. And yes, I would agree that for a small sytem Caseta is the better way to go. There are ways to use a Harmony, but not SmartThings (as yet - perhaps it's coming - Lutron has tended to roll things out to Caseta first, but my gut is that SmartThings is unlikely to come to RadioRa2).

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