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Thread: New Maestro MS-OPS2H goes rogue

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    Question New Maestro MS-OPS2H goes rogue

    I have installed three of the MS-OPS2H motion sensors with no problems. Installation and programming worked as intended.

    The fourth one I installed in a walk in closet however seems to have a mind of its own. Initially it seemed to work ok. Test mode was fine. Initial response to motion was fine. Shutoff after five minutes was fine. I walked away very satisfied.

    Later that evening the lights started cycling on without anyone entering the closet. I reset the switch and reprogrammed the settings. Again it seemed to work but shortly started turning lights on by itself. This went on all night, with the lights turning themselves on, and the timer turning them off, over and over.

    The bulbs are CFL floodlights in can fixtures.

    Is this a defective switch problem or am I missing something else?


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    Hello, is there a chance that a wifi router is installed near the closet switch? They have been known to cause noise that confuses the sensor. Another possibility is that it is near an AC/heat vent. Have you tried turning down the sensitivity?

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