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Thread: E11 compatibility

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    E11 compatibility


    I have not seen any E11 bulbs listed in the compatibility lists here. Please provide more information. What are some good E11 Mini Candelabra LED models that can be used with a Diva CL dimmer?

    Here are some available options that I'm considering:

    Thank you.

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    No response. Has anyone tried any E11 LEDs with ANY Lutron dimmer? I can't be the only one with a E11 fixture.

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    Hello bravo,

    Lutron has only tested one E11 base LED for domestic use. Fortunately, it did perform well with the DVCL. You can control up to 33 of these LEDs with a dim range of 19%-85%. The Philips model number is 9290012687. This was recently tested and has not made it onto any of our compatibility tools yet.

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