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Thread: Radio RA works with Alexa...but now RF remote interference

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    Radio RA works with Alexa...but now RF remote interference

    I have happily used my Radio RA classic system for years with an AMX system with the RS-232 controller. Not wanting to leave well enough alone and a tinkerer, I figured I could pickup a RA-IR box , connect it to my harmony hub and have Alexa control my lights. Good news is it works. Harmony and alexa control radio ra classic. The IR codes are in the Harmony database.

    However something changed during programming...I never had issues with my directv RF remotes or my RF IR remote extenders but after I added the lutron IR controller to my repeater my RF remotes have gone haywire. Reduced range, multiple phantom button presses. I mean 3 receivers with multiple rf remotes. And it started after I added the IR controller. Now I did play with the toggle vs. Single action scene setting on the Lutron IR controller setup. However I did not purposely do anything else. Just link to repeater and programmed a few scenes.

    Now since I can unplug the IR and rs232 controller and repeater and I still have the issue, it seems the interference is from the Light switches themselves?

    Did I somehow change the frequency? Does adding the IR controller switch them to 2 way or something?

    I think my RF extender runs at 433MHZ as does the DirecTV RF remotes I believe. I thought radiora was 418MHZ. Could it be the lutron programming I did?

    Any help appreciated. I know it is an old aystem...but it still works. And I thought the Harmony and alexa integration was pretty cool but don't want this issue.


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    Sorry I could not edit post in time. I have verified it is my lutron system.

    I don't know why I didn't think of this but I not only unplugged the repeater and 2 control boxes but turned each switch off. That stopped the interference with my remotes. And progressively stopped it as I turned them off...and it came back as I turned them on. So the question is what did I do to cause a change to the RF switch traffic or frequency by adding the RA-IR, activating it with my repeater, programming a few scenes on it, and playing with toggle?

    And what changed how the switches behave? When they know they are talking to work controllers do they ramp up their Power?

    Thanks for any help,

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