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Thread: 5 button to 3 button

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    5 button to 3 button

    I have some 5 button r/l already on a system, and want to change the button configuration to 3 button by only changing the face plate. When I reset keypad type to 3 button r/l in my software and transferred it to the system it came back as not activated. When I tried to reactivate it informs me the device is already activated. What steps do I take to make this happen

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    You might have to de-activate then reactivate in the software. This should reset the keypad as a three button. The software will warn you that some programming may be lost. May be safer to create a three button next to the five button in question to copy and paste the scenes desired. Then delete the five button, factory default the physical keypad, then activate the same physical keypad as the three button. Transfer to complete the process.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    While it may not directly apply to this situation, I've had past problems with devices that were only solved by not just deleting the devices from the project, but also the room that contained their location. Which wasn't "too complicated" because the room (and devices) in question wasn't part of too many other scenes.

    The problems didn't go away until I went into the project, deleted the devices, deleted the room, saved (to a new file), did a transfer, re-created the room and devices, physically did factory resets on the devices themselves, reactivated the devices, saved, and THEN transferred one final time. Seems there was "something" amiss in the database that was not going away properly.

    Just offering this as a potential solution when "doing the right things" isn't working and you're tired from pulling your hair out and running up/down stairs trying to activate things...

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