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Thread: Caseta Compatibility with Maestro Dimmers

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    Caseta Compatibility with Maestro Dimmers

    I am trying to determine the best Caseta solution for my living room. I currently have two separate zones of recessed dimmable LED lights, each zone controlled by Maestro with companion dimmer switches (4 total dimmers). I would like to replace the companion dimmers with Caseta dimmers and add a bridge to be able to control when I am away from home. Will I be able to continue using my Maestro switches on one end and add the Caseta at the other end? Or do I have to replace the Maestro dimmers with the Pico remote? I would prefer not to go this route, as having a remote at the other end would mean needing to do something with the existing wiring. Any suggestions?

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    You will have to use the pico remotes. The Maestro and Caseta are not compatible.

    All you need to do on the pico wiring is just to tie the 3 wires together. Very easy. Lutron has pretty good instructions on what to do. Used this solution a few times and works great. (Also easy to undo if you ever change back, just lable the wites first.)

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