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Thread: RRD-3LD Tries to Activate as HomeWorks QS Tabletop Dimmer

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    RRD-3LD Tries to Activate as HomeWorks QS Tabletop Dimmer

    Using version 11.0 of RadioRA 2 Essentials/firmware, an older RadioRa2 RRD-3LD tries to activate as HomeWorks QS Tabletop Dimmer.

    Incorrect device type was heard!
    HomeWorks QS Tabletop Dimmer was pressed and heard.

    Two tabletop dimmers work with this system: MC R3 W19, the one that doesn't activate is BR R1 T21.

    Thanks in advance for any explanation or direction.


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    Well, if it wasn't clear before that Caseta/Ra2/HWQS wireless is all the same tech, that certainly shows it. That and the software already knows about it. And yet Lutron still pretends they're "different" somehow besides the segment pricing...

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    I've seen this message before when trying to game the system and activating a RR2 device on a HWQS system. It told me I couldn't activate a RR2 device on HWQS even tho you watched it succeed at first.

    Long story short, vic2020 should contact tech support who will recommend using a new RRD-3LD in place of the one reporting as HWQS.

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