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Thread: VCRX / Home Control + APP

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    VCRX / Home Control + APP

    Why doesn't the VCRX show up in the app? I would love to control the CCO's and keypad directly in the APP. Instead I had to program a virtual keypad to do the same.

    One reason would be to see status on the CCI's. I plan to connect them to a limit switch on the garage door to let me know it's not closed.

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    Thank you for this feedback on having the VCRX on the Lutron Home Control+ application.

    As a current workaround for monitoring the CCIs, you could add a dummy load to your project that the CCIs will turn on and off when triggered. This load could also be monitored by a virtual keypad button; and the LED of the button will turn on and off when the dummy load is activated by the CCIs.

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    i to would like to be able to monitor my garage door. i was told i couldnt. ive been trying to think of a workaround. hey OP, can you give more detail how you plan to do this?

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    We have done this successfully by adding a limit switch to the door(s) which triggers when the door is not fully closed. (i.e. the switch is open when the door is closed). The limit switch(s) is connected to the VCRX CCI(s). The CCI are programed (as mentioned above) to a dummy (virtual) load. We used it a little differently, I think you may have to actually create a virtual switch associated with the dummy load to show on the app. (keep in mind the virtual devices will error on program transfer but will show and function in the app).

    In our application we used an LRF2 wireless sensor programmed to the VCRX CCO(s) which then wired in series (through the NC of the limit switch), feeding back to the CCI(s). So only when the garage was open the the sensor would time out and pulse (cci's and cco's programmed for pulse/momentary) via the CCO through the limit swicth and back to the CCI to close the door after motion and timeout.

    This has been working well, but keep in mind it is only a convenience and not fool-proof from a security stand point. The door may re-open if it's sensor is obstructed leaving the garage open and waiting for another motion event to trigger the process again. This may not be for everyone, especially if you spend time in your garage, then you may want a bypass. Also, as a back up we set a timed event each night to trigger the same CCO pulse as the sensor, just in case a door was open it would try and close again.

    we have to add the limit switch or switches to get some positive feed back, as the door motor only operates on a pulse and doesn't know if the door is opened or closed. So the limit switch givers us that path to signal the door only if it's not closed. (I keep saying "not closed" to emphasize the position of the limit switch on the closed end of the door travel vs. the open limit, as for this purpose it is the more important information)
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