What're folks using to manage towel warmers? I've got a Mr. Steam unit on an 8ANS and it seems to be working fine. My question is what schedules should I set up for it? A few rough tests seem to show it takes at least 45 minutes to bring a towel up to temp. The length of this cycle is longer than the typical shower, so tying it to lighting event doesn't do much good. As in, turn on the warmer when the shower stall overhead light is lit... showers aren't long enough for the towel to get up to temp.

For weekday mornings a timeclock event on at 6:30 and off at 7:45 seems to cover most typical usage.

Weekends, however, are a bit more unpredictable. The trade-off being running it too long, and being wasteful, or having it cool down too soon and miss the most common use intervals. It's a Mr. Steam W219C, drawing 200W, so it's not drawing an excessive amount. The question here is not about using a different heater, this one is fine, so let's not wander off on that tangent.

Likewise, schedules for evening use is hard to predict.

Upside is it's darned nice tying it to an "All Off" scene, or as part of other whole house 'clean up' routines. Added bonus is not having it run during vacation away schedules. That and "Alexa, turn on|off Towel Warmer"

What're others here using, schedule-wise, for towel warmers?