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Thread: CasÚta App could not connect to system

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    CasÚta App could not connect to system

    I have been getting the message from the CasÚta App that states: Looks like you left home, but the app could not connect to your CasÚta system. Tap here to go to app. It always says the same thing when I arrive home. What do I need to do to fix this? Do I have to forward ports?

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    I have the same issue.

    Is Lutron listening?

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    Same issue here, and it has happened a number of times, most recently this morning. In my Android notification tray I get "Looks like you left home, but the app ..." and I don't get the rest of the message. If I touch the message, it opens the Lutron app but does not take me to a message page or complete the error statement. I also could not find any place within the app where error messages can be pulled up. (Thanks to user schildgenb for at least telling me what the rest of the message says!) I know that sometimes my Chamberlain garage door app sometimes takes a little longer to connect to its bridge if I have just left the house, so I am wondering if it is just a time out error with the Lutron app. I guess the important thing is that I need to find out if the geofencing is working properly ... I need to leave some lights on, have someone sit in the house (where'd that pesky wife go ... oh, that's right ... the divorce thing!), and drive away to see if the lights go out.

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