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Thread: Multiple devices on serial bus RS232

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    Multiple devices on serial bus RS232

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have multiple devices on the main repeaters serial bus? I need to add RTI devices and have a security panel using the RS232 currently. Maybe if I had two repeaters on the system then I could use the other rs232 on the second repeater.

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    Hello dvpvic,
    Thank you for your post.
    The main repeater supports 1 serial device connected for integration. Adding a second main repeater will give you 2 serial connections. Depending on what you need to accomplish for integration you may be able to use a serial to Ethernet adapter.

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    Yes you can

    Google: RS-232 Port Combiners

    I have used the BB-elec unit

    And yes adding 2nd main repeater will get 2nd RS232

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    Thank you!

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