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Thread: How to combine 2 existing QS Systems ? - Do i need to erase one of the processors?

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    How to combine 2 existing QS Systems ? - Do i need to erase one of the processors?

    Large project where the clients pool house was finished first. I installed a processor and keypads and programmed this as a standalone system.

    Main house was completed next, 3 lutron processors are installed and linked together.

    Last part of the project was linking the network switches in each building. Now that i can connect the pool house processor to the LAN i can add the Pool House processor & keypads to the Main House project in software (already done).

    My question i need to "erase" the pool house processor so that the Main House program overwrites it? Or do i just need to connect an ethernet patch cable between the Pool House processor and the Pool House Network switch and upload the new Main House QS program?

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    If the project file for the main house contains the processor and devices in the pool house then you can activate the processor in the pool house in the main house project file. You will however need to re-activate the devices in the pool house into the main house project file.

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