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Thread: NICON recessed lights buzz and flicker

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    NICON recessed lights buzz and flicker

    Electrician on new house installed NICOR recessed lights (DLR57 2700K, 1200 Lumens) with LUTRON dimmers (Diva DVCL-153P).
    The lights buzzed slightly and flickered when dimmed. NICOR's website recommends LUTRON Skylark CTCL -153P. I bought the skylark and installed it ---- the buzzing and flickering is worse. Can anyone help with this? thanks

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    I also have a buzzing/humming noise from my Skylark CL 153-p dimmers on my utilitech recessed lights (MQTL1017-LED11.5K850 Downlight, 5000K, 800 Lumen, E26 retrofit kit). Currently waiting a reply, was hoping to find an answer on your thread. I'll update if I get an answer.

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