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Thread: Uploading can not be done using HWQS v.10.7.0 or v.10.6.0

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    Uploading can not be done using HWQS v.10.7.0 or v.10.6.0


    Is there anyone have try to upload using the newest software v.10.7.0 ? i try to use this version because the owner want to connect the Lutron system to Alexa, but when i upload the program it always end in "compiling and auditing file 121 of 232 (preset)" and not moving at all. any idea ?

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    I've had luck with Help/Repair Project File on a 10.3 upload that would lock up somewhere around there...

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    Hello stevi,
    Thank you for your post.
    We recently launched the 11.0 release for HWQS. Try this. If the issue remains then send in a support file to and we can further investigate the issue.

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