Anyone know if there is a way for Google Home to set the temperature of a room or zone using voice control? I have a customer with a RA2 system successfully linked to Google Home (via CONNECT-BDG2-1) but don't see Google Home having an option to recognize the RA2 controllers as Thermostats in the Google Home app (however, this system has no thermostats, only HVAC Controllers and attached temp sensors). Homeowner has always only used the Lutron App to set their temps (they wanted to minimize wall litter). Is voice temp control via Google Home supported on RA2 and if so does it require a thermostat? Maybe even a dummy thermostat would work (haven't tried that yet...not at site to test).If RA2 does not support temp control via Google Home voice commands directly anyone have any ideas about using perhaps some cheap middle ware integration system (such as Hubitat HE, Home Seer HS4, or one of the others in that category)? Perhaps Google Home ----->Cloud-----> Hubitat HE ------>LAN Telnet-----> RadioRA 2 Main Repeater? I've never integrated Hubitat or HS4 with RadioRA 2 but have heard the support now is pretty extensive.