RA2 already up and running just for lighting, single main repeater and connect bridge, approx. 40 devices

Client is having 12 or 14 Somfy blinds installed
Blind installer is supplying Somfy URTSII(all blinds are RF) and at my request a Somfy Connect LTI for Lutron interface.

Somfy supplier wants $350 for their RS485 to USB converter used for the programming only part.
In Somfy LTI instructions it mentions 485usbtb-2w from B&B smartworx, $100, has anyone used this one?
Or will any RS485 to USB and driver work?

In general any "heads up" about this interface?
Programming pitfalls :)

These blinds are not two-way so visual reference only, i.e. press UP button and blind will move up and either stop at preset limit or stop if you press STOP button, same for DOWN.
No 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 up or down