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Thread: Where to start? bought house with full lutron system that is now obsolete

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    That is a HomeWorks Interactive RF only processor.
    That sounds like a 3000 series Grafik Eye. Look for a GRX-3100 or a GRX-MR3 (same unit, different model number)
    Unfortunately, that processor does not have an Ethernet connection. I have seen some Ethernet to RS232 devices. It's just a matter of finding one you are comfortable with or can find someone to program.
    If you have the software you can print a bill of materials. The software is only available to dealers. If you call Lutron they might give you a copy since it is 3 or 4 generations old.
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    Looking for an update

    I also just purchased a house in upstate NY with a Lutron lighting system, but mine is pre-1995 and isnít WiFi compatible. I found someone who can upgrade it but the price quote was unbelievable. The house is tiny and there are lights everywhere. The buzzing from the lights is maddening.
    We are thinking just to hardwired most of them and remove the system all together.
    I found your post and am wondering what you ended up doing? Can you offer any guidance?

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    Old Lutron system

    I am in thr same boat with a system likely put in 1996. While it mostly works, noone knows how to upgrade with modern components or hib

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    lutron's website should help you locate a dealer or servicer that can help you understand what type of system you have and what would be required to update it.

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