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Thread: Time/Occupancy based dim percentages

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    Question Time/Occupancy based dim percentages

    Hi all! I'm new to RA2 and I wanted to know if the following case is possible:

    • Occupancy sensor in bathroom with RRD-6CL Dimmer
      • Between 1AM and 7AM, if bathroom is occupied, lights will automatically dim on to 25%.
      • All other times, if bathroom is occupied, lights will turn on to 100%.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    No it is not possible. This is where you would be going to HWQS to get conditional logic like this. I wish it was an option though. Many have mentioned but before but I don't think it to ever happen. You can use a 3rd party like homeseer or setup that up through Elk m1 security panel or Omni pro.

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    Actually, this is very doable in RadioRa, but it's a pain and a little bit more expensive than it should be. It works like this:

    - The room has TWO occupancy/vacancy sensors. Let's call them Oc-Sensor1 and Oc-Sensor2.
    - Since RadioRa software will automatically group occupancy sensors in the same room (which we don't want in this case), you have to fool the software by making two "rooms" in the software: MasterBath1 and MasterBath2.

    So - in Design module:
    • put Oc-Sensor1 in "room" MasterBath1, Oc-Sensor2 in "room" MasterBath2.
    • You can put your RRD-6CL dimmer in either MasterBath1 or MasterBath2.

    In "Program" module:
    • Set a timeclock event at 1am to ENABLE Oc-Sensor1 and DISABLE Oc-Sensor2
    • Set another timeclock event to reverse it: at 7am ENABLE Oc-Sensor2 and DISABLE Oc-Sensor1
    • Set Oc-Sensor1 to set that RRD-6CL to 25% brightness on Occupied, 0% on vacant
    • Set Oc-Sensor2 to set that RRD-6CL to 100% brightness on Occupied, 0% on vacant

    Voila - hack workaround for time-based dim levels. It sucks that the ceiling will have TWO ugly occupancy sensors instead of 1 because of the limitations of the software, but this will work exactly as you requested.

    Here's one little warning - every time you do a "Transfer" in the software, for any reason, ALL occupancy sensors end up being in ENABLE mode when your transfer is complete. So when you FIRST set this up the way i describe above, it won't work properly until the time hits 1am or 7am when the timeclock event will set the alternating occupancy sensors to on/off. This is a bug in RadioRa system that's been there forever - Transfer will restore light levels that were there before the transfer, but it will NOT restore the enable/disable state for your occupancy sensors. Drives me crazy.

    To get around this without having to wait for the next actual timeclock event that sets up your occupancy sensors properly, I set up a timeclock event named "Manual Occupancy Reset" that puts my occupancy sensors back the way they should be in the daytime (set it to run every day at, say, 3pm). After each "Transfer", use your mobile device (assuming you have ConnectBridge) and go into any room, choose "Timeclock Events", find your "Manual Occupancy Reset" event, select it and hit "Test Event". That will run that event and restore your occupancy sensors to the way you like them. Remember to do this every time you download a new set of programming to your repeaters... or both occupancy sensors will be ENABLED in that bathroom and will fight each other. Not a huge problem, and it will sort itself out when it hits your 1am and 7am events, but I'm too impatient and want it all to work right every time i program things, hence the workaround with manually triggering a timeclock event.

    Hope that helps!

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