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Thread: Another PD-5NE ELV+ install problem

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    Another PD-5NE ELV+ install problem

    I'm trying to install the PD-5NE ELV+ dimmer to control undercabinet LED strips. The LED strips and transformer (electronic) are made by WAC Lighting.

    Connected the dimmer per usual instructions (white to neutral, black to hot, red to load). The dimmer lights up and I'm able to adjust the phase control of the dimmer per usual. The dimmer responds to button presses but there is no response from the undercabinet lights. They do not come on at all.

    To see if the WAC transformer was the problem, I removed the transformer and replaced it with a standard incandescent lamp. The dimmer exhibits the same behavior and the light does not come on. Changing the dimmer's phase control doesn't help.

    Any ideas? I think the problem is with the dimmer or how I wired it to the home wiring.

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    Problem solved. It was a faulty dimmer switch. Glad I had an extra on hand.

    By the way, the PDE-5NE does an excellent job dimming the WAC LED strips via WAC ELV transformer.

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    I had a similar problem and thought my elv dimmer was faulty. In these situations it's worth a try to factory reset the dimmer. Sometimes it gets stuck on power up. The reset solved my problem and turned a "defective" dimmer into a good one.

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