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Thread: Serena Shades Not Working With Alexa

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    Serena Shades Not Working With Alexa

    I just bought an Echo Dot and all of my Caseta lighting stuff shows up and can be controlled but none of my shades do. Any suggestions ?

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    You have to setup the actions you want as scenes in the Lutron app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tannebil View Post
    You have to setup the actions you want as scenes in the Lutron app.
    Correct, and if your scene name is "open kitchen blind". You will still have to ask Alexa to "turn on open kitchen blind"

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    Exactly, which is very annoying. There are some EXTREMELY simple phrases that Alexa should know and understand, such as Turn On, Turn Off, Open, Close etc why is that so difficult for them to add that? Here's the ridiculous reply I received from Alexa Support:

    "I'm sorry Alexa is unable to open the Lutron Serena Shades. I understand the inconvenience.To help you better with this, I've checked the smart-home devices associated with your Echo device and I see that the CasÚta« Wireless Scenes named "Rear Shades Close" and "Rear Shades Open" have been discovered by Alexa.
    I'd like to tell you that, for smart home devices, we have the commands, "Alexa, turn on/ off (device name). At this time, Alexa doesn't understand "open" as a command.
    I'd also like to inform you that Alexa doesn't recognize spaces between words. I request you to rename the scenes in a simpler way. I suggest something like "shadesone" and "shadestwo"

    Our "smart homes" should learn how we speak not the other way around.

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