Hi there,

I'm having a very strange situation on one of my clients. It's a very large system, with 4 processors connected, and a bunch of DPM modules, mostly LQSE-4S10 and LQSE-2ECO.

On the physical side, from one of the processors, i have 9 power panels with aprox. 5~8 modules per power panel. The first one physically installed, named QA-25, is having intermittent communications failure for all modules. All other power panels are working ok, and the strange thing here is that the QS link first passes through QA-25 to reach the others, and only QA-25 is having problems. Three months ago we changed all modules on this power panel, keeping only the wiring, and this didn't solve the problem.

My question is: how can only the QA-25 modules show communications problem with all others after it working, as it's the first one physically installed? If there's a wiring problem, the QS link wouldn't work after QA-25, am i right?

We tried Lutron Brazil's support, but they couldn't find anything other than i already said. What they told me to do was to check wiring and voltages, and they're ok.

I'm trying to attac the support file to see if someone on Lutron can give me a light here, but it's too large. How should i proceed?