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Thread: Homeworks and Caseta

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    Homeworks and Caseta

    Dear Freinds

    I am new to lutron and i need some support please.

    1)i have this wireless thermostat ,connected and controlled by
    Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge ,my question is it possible to integrate the Caseta with lutron Homeworks HPQ6-2 in order to be able to control the thermostat from the main Lutron application.

    2)if not,is there another way in order to connect this wireless thermostat (or Nest Thermostat) to my main homeworks application.


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    Hello fadel,
    Thank you for your post.
    You can not integrate the Caseta system into the Homeworks QS system.
    The Homeworks QS system will need a Lutron Connect bridge, similar to the Caseta bridge. This will allow integration with Honeywell and Nest wifi thermostats. The thermostat you have linked is not supported at this time.

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    Lutron Caseta is designed for wireless control of lights, shades, and temperature, and it operates independently of Lutron Homeworks QS or HPQ systems. However, there might be some integration possibilities based on the specific

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    Lutron Homeworks is a comprehensive lighting control system, and its integration capabilities may vary depending on the specific model and version you have. While Lutron offers integration with various third-party devices, including thermostats, it's essential to consult the documentation or contact Lutron support to confirm compatibility and available integration options for your specific Homeworks model.
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