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Thread: Dimmer 3 Way for Maximus m-36PL-840-WFL-D (Driver Input 120V/ Output 25-32VDC)

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    Dimmer 3 Way for Maximus m-36PL-840-WFL-D (Driver Input 120V/ Output 25-32VDC)

    I purchased 24" round puff lights (Maximus) for use in my workshop. These are 2400 Lumens; 36.79 Watts each. I tried using the compatibility app on the Lutron website to no avail. The driver is a constant Current Dimmable LED Driver Model: JWD35D3 Manufacutred by Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting Co., Ltd. sutiable for dam locations and with a UL label. The driver says "suitable for operation with main supply dimmer". Not sure how to find the most appropriate dimmer. I had intended to link 5 fixtures each on 2 circuits with a 3-way dimmer at one end and a 3-way at the other. Any advice or information on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.Maximus Puff Light UL Label and Driver Information.pdf

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    Good afternoon, Lutron has not tested that fixture, so we cannot guarantee compatibility with any of our controls. We would suggest contacting the fixture manufacturer to see if they can recommend a specific dimming control.

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