I purchased 24" round puff lights (Maximus) for use in my workshop. These are 2400 Lumens; 36.79 Watts each. I tried using the compatibility app on the Lutron website to no avail. The driver is a constant Current Dimmable LED Driver Model: JWD35D3 Manufacutred by Shenzhen Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting Co., Ltd. sutiable for dam locations and with a UL label. The driver says "suitable for operation with main supply dimmer". Not sure how to find the most appropriate dimmer. I had intended to link 5 fixtures each on 2 circuits with a 3-way dimmer at one end and a 3-way at the other. Any advice or information on where to go next would be greatly appreciated.Maximus Puff Light UL Label and Driver Information.pdf