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Thread: Dimmer compatibility

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    Dimmer compatibility

    Nearly completed new home. Electrician installed Lutron Dimmers DVCL-153PH. He would normally use TCP LED11DR5641K recessed retrofits. We asked him to use NICOR DLR56 1200L, 2700K and WAC Lighting FM306-930-BN 3000K. When the dimmer is dimmed, the NICOR flashes slightly and the WACs flash badly.
    Are we using the correct Dimmers for these lights?

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    Hello willy, we have not tested either of those fixtures, so we cannot guarantee compatibility with any of our controls.

    Are the problem circuits single pole or 3-way circuits? If they are 3-way is there more than 1 dimmer in the circuit? Have more than 1 dimmer will causing flashing.

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    The dimmer you will need to use to work with the FM306-930-bn is a dvelv-300p-wh. This light will require a neutral wire to dim. If the dimmer is in a multi gang box you will want to dedicate the neutral so that the neutral from the light goes to the dimmer first then to the neutral group in the switch box.

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