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Thread: Does Lutron have a designer switch with an "indicator light"

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    Does Lutron have a designer switch with an "indicator light"

    I am looking for a switch with a indicator light. I have also had some people refer to the indicator light as a "pilot light". Essentially, I am looking for the switch to have an indicator which illuminates when the lights are on in another room. I have a switch in a room that controls lights in another room (garage). I currently have a switch with a indicator light, but it doesn't match my Lutron designer switches. I haven't been able to find a similar switch from Lutron - is there one? The current switch is in a 3 gang box where all the Lutron switches are gloss gray. The odd white switch is an annoyance and we would like to have it match.

    Any help in identifying a solution would be appreciated.


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    The caseta dimmers have lights on the left-hand side that indicate the status. Doesn't this meet your requirements?

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    Thanks for the response. I don't need dimmer capability in this location, but your suggestions is a good alternative. I think the indicator lights on the electronic dimmer switches would accomplish my objective. Thanks for your help.

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