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Thread: MACL-153M does not dim at all, but does flash the LEDs at low dimmer settings

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    MACL-153M does not dim at all, but does flash the LEDs at low dimmer settings

    I'm bench testing this setup before I install it so I can work-out any bugs. Bugs such as this one:

    I have a 4-way setup of a MACL-153M, the other switch from the package, and an Official Companion Dimmer switch (which was not carried by the Lowe's where I bought the Maestro dimmer).

    The problem is nothing dims at all. Any of the switches can turn the lights off/on, and they all TRY to adjust the light level. The indicator lights on the MACL-153M run the full range, but nothing happens until it gets near the bottom. Then all of the LED strips flash. Next tick down and they flash faster. The following downward tick and they flash really fast. With the next tick, they turn off.

    The wiring is per the diagram in the package, with the hot to the MACL-153M and the neutral to the LED driver. I've programmed it, but that did a lot of nothing. Well, I followed the instructions for programming (which might be wrong since I'm using all specified dimmer switches). But nothing has ever changed about the behavior of the LEDs.

    Ideas? Hints? Clues?

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    Addendum: I have 58 watts of LED strips connected to a 75 watt constant voltage LED driver. I'm not under-powering them, and they are all quite bright (even the flashes).

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    The MACL-153M is designed for line voltage LEDs, it is not designed to work with external LED drivers. If you can provide the model number of the driver and LEDs, we may be able to come up with a solution that will work for you.

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