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Thread: 11.0 Unable to Update Firmware

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    Looks like we have duplicate posts on this issue so I am not feeling so blond anymore! Smile!

    Here is the other link:

    And I think I resolved my problem. Or at least I am so hoping so!

    Finally after pulling some hair out & definite temper tantrums plus giving up for a few days (if I am honest - more like a week) - I got this process to work on my programming computer.

    Restart your computer <<Only do this with nothing else running>>
    Turn off your firewall
    Direct connect the main to your laptop
    In the design tab - click find
    main repeater
    You will need to update your IP
    I used enabled DHCP
    Click save (be patient some took 5-6 tries before saving).
    Click close
    Go & do a transfer
    And firmware should update
    with out issue.

    Once I did this - the file that I was working on (which said the Main firmware was 10.6 but the transfer was always unsuccessful) - said the firmware was 9.2 and did the update. Super odd. Not sure what happened or if I put the main into safe mode accidentally. But this happened on 10 of 12 repeaters I tried to update. I will go back and do them all direct connect now to get them to 11.0. And hope this is resolved going forward.

    As a side note - I had to restart my computer each time I went to update another repeater. The software would absolutely not find another main after I did 1 successful firmware update. Might work just restarting the software but my patience was shot at that point.

    I've been doing RA2 since 2011 and never had this issue before. Glad I didn't start on this version or I would have totally given up. Hope this helps!

    And Huge Sign of Relief that I am back up and running.

    Cross your fingers on the dual repeater system update I have to do this week!

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    Also as a side note - I was upgrading most of my main repeaters from older versions. 7x,8x, & 9x version ones.

    If you are trying to upgrade an older system to 11.0 - Go to 9.2 and then 10.0 and then the rest of the way. My 10.6 files refused to upgrade. So back to 10.0 and then up to 11.0 using the process listed above.

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